Web Album Maker

Whether you are going to place a slideshow banner at the top of your website, or build a web album or online photo gallery, Web Album Maker comes to help. Developed with the cross-browser JavaScript library of jQuery and the latest CSS3, Web Album Maker lets you turn your photos or images into dynamic jQuery web slide show viewable on IE8, IE9, Safari, Chrome, Firefox and even mobile browsers within iPad, iPhone, Android, etc. web-album-maker.comprovides you with various stylish theme templates suitable for photo gallery, web album, banner slider, 3D slider, photo collage, scrapbook, HTML slideshow and more. You can customize the the image size, title, description, target URL, etc to make the slides seamlessly and informatively shown on your website. The real-time preview allows you to check out the final presentation effect with ease.


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Introduction of Web Album Maker

If you own a website, you may find the pure image banner monotonous, no matter how you beautify it with Photoshop. Don't be frustrated any more. Prepare several images, add them to Web Album Maker, select a suitable theme, and you will create a jQuery banner slideshow in no time. No HTML, Flash, JavaScript or CSS skills required. No need to worry about the incompatibility with mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone, Android any more!

As its name indicates, Web Album Maker is specially designed to create online web album or web photo gallery. With Web Album Maker, you can easily pick your favorite theme and turn your photos into a web gallery for sharing online. Different themes present the album in different ways, such as full page, sideways, full screen, overlay, etc. No need to upload your photos to online image sharing websites like flickr, photobucket or Picasa any more. You can host them by yourself and in a more professional way.


Three simple steps to create web album



  • Developed with jQuery plug-ins and CSS3
  • Fully viewable within IE8, IE9, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, iPad, iPhone, Android, etc
  • Various theme templates for Web Albums, Banner Slideshows, Photo Galleries, etc.
  • Real-time preview
  • Easy to use: No HTML, Flash, JavaScript or CSS skills required.


Three Steps to Create Your Own Photo Album

1. Add Photos

After creating a new project, you can add photos to the project. Various images formats are supported, including JPEG, TIFF, Bitmap, PNG and GIF.

2. Choose jQuery Theme Template

Highly optimized jQuery templates are available. In this step, you can choose your desired theme style for your web album, online photo gallery or banner slider. The images properties such as size, title, description, target URL can be customized here.

3. Publish Project

After previewing the album slide show, you can click the Publish button to generate your own photo album or banner perfect for your web page.